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Touch and Drag

SimpleGallery supports horizontal scrolling by touch and dragging on touch screens as well as mouse click and drag for desktop devices.
This will do a simple navigation between the images in the gallery.


SimpleGallery is designed for responsive visualization so thanks to the use of only css it adapts perfectly to various display devices giving greater speed compared to the use of javascript.


SimpleGallery is developed with pure ES6 javascript only (EcmaScript 6) without any framework such as jQuery etc. etc. to make it even faster and compatible with all browsers.

Zoom screen

With the appropriate button, SimpleGallery supports the zoom of the screen giving the possibility to view the images on the whole screen without altering the quality of the images..

Social sharing

Grace The appropriate Simple Gallery button allows you to share images with social networks such as Facebbok, Twitter etc tec with unique URLs.

SimpleGallery is totally free for this and we ask you to advertise us


SimpleGallery is a totally free website image gallery that is very easy to implement in your projects.

Developed with references to HTML5, CSS and Javascript to make the script fast and reliable.

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